Tree Removal Services

Our family-owned, West Michigan local tree company specializes in removing large and hazardous trees. We have the right equipment and expertise to tackle any size tree – large or small!

Common reasons for using our tree removal service:

  • Removal of a dead or dying tree that has become a hazard
  • Eliminate competition for space and light, so that remaining trees are more healthy
  • Improve the visual appeal of the landscaping
  • Make room for new construction

Tree removal is best left to the experts.

Removing that ugly or unsafe tree might be a tempting do-it-yourself task, but it can be quite hazardous and even create liability in the case of injury or property damage. There can also be unknown electrical, gas, or plumbing in the lawn, which should be accounted for.

Our tree removal crew is highly trained

Our expert crew has years of experience with even the most difficult tree removals. We have the resources, equipment, and training to be sure that the project is completed safely and effectively. Plus, we are fully licensed and insured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about our tree removal services.

Will you remove the wood from my property?

Yes, our tree removal services includes removal of all the wood. The only time we do not is if we are specifically asked to leave it. We can leave part of the tree, all of the tree, or none of the tree. We are also able to leave just logs and chip the brush.

How do you remove a tree that's growing over my home?

To remove a tree that is growing over your home or other structure, we usually bring in a crane. We use the crane in conjunction with a climber or spider lift to cut the tree, lift it with the crane, and lay it in a safe spot to clean up. Although it sounds complex, we do this kind of work regularly!

Can you remove a tree in the winter?

Yes, we perform tree removals year round.

Will my yard be damaged during tree removal?

To prevent damage, we use ground protection for soft yards. One of our main goals is to ensure it looks like we were never there. This goal is almost always obtained.

We do more than just remove trees!

Forestry Mulching

Tree clearing, forestry mulching and brush hogging services help to thin out woods, remove of small trees and brush, and minimize overgrowth.

Stump Grinding Services

Have an ugly stump that needs to be removed? We can grind stumps of any size and leave your yard in excellent condition.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Pruning your trees not only improves visual appearance, but also promotes healthy growth and can prevent damage to surrounding areas.