Stump Grinding

Need to remove an ugly old stump? Our stump grinding services will quickly remove it, whether it’s large or small, and leave your land looking great!

Common reasons for using a stump grinding service:

  • Tree roots can cause damage to foundations, pavement, and buried utilities.
  • Improve visual appeal – it doesn’t look good to have an old tree stump in your yard.
  • Not only are they ugly, they make mowing your lawn more difficult.

Stump removal is best left to the experts

Without the proper equipment and knowledge, things can go wrong or take longer than desired. We have grinders of various sizes to handle large or small stumps, or even a field full of them. The tracks of our machines disperse their weight and leave your yard in excellent condition.

Our stump grinding crew is highly trained

Our expert tree crews have years of experience with even the most difficult stump grinding projects. We have the resources, equipment, and training to ensure that the project is completed safely and effectively.

See Our Stump Grinders in Action!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about stump grinding services.

How far down do you grind the stump?

We typically go 10-12 inches below the surface of the ground, leaving plenty of room to put grass seed down and make your lawn look like there was never a tree there.

Do you remove stump grind shavings?

We can remove shavings for an additional cost. Typically, homeowners will put stump grind shavings around their homes or in garden beds. They’re great for encouraging the growth of plants!

Do you call miss dig?

We assess every situation and plan accordingly. For stumps that might have nearby utilities, we will call miss dig. For stumps that we are reasonably sure do not have utilities nearby, we grind with caution.

We do more than just stump grinding!

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