Land and Tree Clearing

Call the land and tree clearing experts in West Michigan! Wether its a small lot for a new house or clearing many acres for a commercial development, we have the right equipment and expertise to do it all.

Common reasons clearing land and trees:

  • New construction or land development
  • Clear an area for food plots, gardens, swimming pools or farming
  • Provide clear access to work zones for construction crews to be safe and effective

Clear large or small areas

Whether you’re looking to clear a small parcel of land, or many acres of dense forest, our team is up to the task! We have the right equipment to remove trees, grind stumps and get rid of the all the wooded material left behind. We can even connect you to companies who sell the timber.

Land clearing experts

Our expert land and tree clearing crews have years of experience with even the most difficult projects. We have the resources, equipment, insurance and licensing to ensure that the project is completed safely and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about land and tree clearing services.

Do you sell the timber?

We can set you up with timber buyers once the clearing has taken place. We do not buy the timber/logs directly.

Can you grind stumps?

Yes, we have a stump grinder that is used specifically for large land clearings.

How much does it cost to clear land?

Pricing is highly dependent on the nature of the project – they’re all a bit different. We can leave the logs, chips, and stumps to get to the lowest price per acre, or we can remove everything, which generally adds a bit to the cost.

We do so much more than land clearing!

Tree Removal Services

We specialize in removing large and hazardous trees, and small ones too, with years of experience removing even the most difficult trees.

Stump Grinding Services

Do you have an ugly stump that needs to be removed? We can grind any size stump, or even a field full of them, and leave your area in excellent condition.

Forestry Mulching

Tree clearning, forestry mulching and brush hogging services  thin out wooded areas, remove of small trees and brush, and minimize overgrowth.