Forestry Mulching & Brush Hogging

Use our forestry mulching and brush hogging service to clear up woods, brush, and overgrowth, and turn those areas into a nice open space.

Turn those wooded areas into a nice open space

Whether you are looking to expanding a yard into approaching woods or turn dead and fallen sticks and limbs into a nice mulch for use in beds and around trees, our team is considered one of the best. Our brush hogging service is great for keeping brush, tall grass, and overgrowth down.

Save time by leaving mulching and brush hogging to the pros

Rather than spending hours or days clearing up the overgrowth and downed limbs, why not hire a team to just get it taken care of for you? We can be in an out in a fraction of the time, and you won’t have the hassle of renting expensive and dangerous equipment.

Our forestry mulching crew is highly trained

Our expert crew has years of experience with even the most difficult forestry mulching projects. We have the resources, equipment, and training to ensure that the project is completed safely and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we receive regarding forestry mulching and brush hogging services.

Does forestry mulching grind stumps?

For most circumstances, forestry mulching can get stumps level with the surrounding surface; however, it can’t go below the ground’s surface, as a stump grinder can.

How large a tree can a forestry mulcher take down?

A forestry mulcher can bring trees down that are roughly 6-8″ in diameter. However, the smaller the tree, the faster it goes. A mulcher is best for trees and brush approximately 4″ and smaller.

How much does forestry mulching cost?

We generally charge an hourly rate for forestry mulching. We can give you a rough estimate on time for your jobs.

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