“When Do I Remove a Tree?” We get asked this very often here in Grand Rapids. This is a complex question. A lot comes into play when deciding tree removal is needed. It is important to have a tree expert or an arborist look at your trees. They have a trained eye for making these decisions.

First Steps in Deciding if Tree Removal is Right For You!

To decide if you need a tree removal, first we look at the overall appearance of the tree. Does it look like it is dying or dead already? If so, it should be removed. Large, dead branches are a good sign that the tree is dying or already dead. If half or more of the branches are dead, you should have it removed. This is a problem here in Grand Rapids because we have such a variety of environmental conditions affecting the growth of trees. 

Cracks in the trunk or if its hollow can be a sign of disease or poor structure. If 1/3rd of the tree is rotted, this can become dangerous. The longer it sits, the more hazardous it becomes.

Speaking of the trunk, if you notice that fungi are growing near the base of it, you should have it checked out. You may need to have the tree removed. Root problems can be extremely hard to diagnose without a trained eye. Have them checked by an expert or an arborist whenever you have your regular pruning services. 

Multi-trunk trees tend to have more structural issues than others. It is best to have them assessed for potential tree removal. If your tree takes a sudden lean, this could be profoundly serious and is a sign of structural damage. If it has always been leaning, it might not be an issue, so have it checked out. Both structural issues are common in Grand Rapids.

Less Noticeable Factors

Look for signs like a difference in the vibrancy of the color on the leaves. Discoloration is a sign of chlorosis, which could potentially be serious. Location plays a key factor in whether a tree needs to be removed. An example is if the tree seems to be lagging in growth.

Other signs of stressed trees are pests, living under a power line, living close to structures such as driveways, foundations, barns, etc. Any type of stress on a tree instantly puts it at risk for other problems like diseases, pests, death, falling, etc. One example of a severe problem in Grand Rapids is our oak trees. 

Oak Wilt

A disease called oak wilt is killing oak trees rapidly. Common signs that oak wilt is present is chlorosis, early defoliation, wilting leaves, and death. This disease spreads thorough the root system, so it is urgent to have the oak trees removed to prevent the spread. Here is more information on oak wilt from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.


Benefits of Tree Removal

Tree removal at the right time can save you money. If you notice any signs of hazardous trees and do not act on them, you risk the chance of the tree falling during the storm or winter, therefore causing more damage, and costing more.This happens very often in Grand Rapids with all the storms we get. 

It is not safe for the average homeowner to try to take the tree down themselves. Tree removal takes the proper equipment and trained eye. It is best to call a tree service! Tree removal also provides you with a more lively and attractive landscape. Sometimes insurance will cover the full or partial cost of tree removal if they consider it hazardous. Removals also help to protect your home and wallet from potential damage. In the end, tree removal might be the best route for you. Have your trees checked by us today!