We often get asked how tree removal works, or rather the process of tree removal. There are many ways that tree removals can take place, and it all starts at the quotation level. 

Tree Removal Quotation: 

Having a knowledgeable tree expert look at the proposed work is very important. Therefore, we don’t provide quotes without looking at the property first. Our professional estimators know what to look for, where to look, and assess all possible outcomes and concerns when quoting. They can determine the proper equipment needed, how many crew members are needed, and how long the job will take. This also allows for a straightforward process with no surprises. This way the homeowner(s) and the business are on the same page for what work will take place and how much it will cost. The most important part is determining what safety measures need to take place for the job site, crew, and structures. 

Tree Removals with Climbing: 

A trained climber should be the only climber allowed to climb. This is because climbing takes a great amount of training and dedication to properly execute. They are knowledgeable in the proper, safe, and effective techniques and tools. There are specific saddles, ropes, knots, and rigging equipment that need to be used. Also, there are different ascending techniques. Each of these techniques and tools are specific to the job site, tree, and intended outcome. For example, spur can only be used in tree removals because they create wounds on the tree. 

Tree Removals with Cranes: 

Cranes can be used to remove a tree as well. There are different sized booms specific to each job. Cranes typically allow us to remove trees in areas where our other equipment won’t fit, or where the tree is too close in proximity to the house. They are often used as the safer and effective way to remove a tree in regard to protecting the crew and the house. We often use cranes with insurance work due to the severity of the risk. 

Tree Removals with Buckets and Lifts: 

Bucket trucks require a place to park that is accessible to the tree being removed. They are often used when a crane isn’t required for the work. It is a safe and effective option for the tree removal crew to bring trees down in sections. Spider lifts also help us reach hard places. We have a spider lift that has a work height of 89 feet and can compact to as little as 36 inches wide for transportation and access to backyards. This makes a very handy and effective tool for our climbers. 

Tree Removal: 

There are a couple of options when it comes to taking down a tree. In some cases, where the homeowner(s) want to keep the wood, we can drop the tree and leave it on site. Dropping can be done with proper rigging and cutting or sometimes just cut and controlled in the fall. It depends on the job site specifics that estimators and the tree crew can assess for work. Tree removal is where the material is removed from the site and taken to one of our wood drop sites. This is where the homeowner(s) don’t want the material on site. This requires some additional equipment to transport the material, then the average drop. The wood drop sites repurpose and reuse most wood (that is viable), so it isn’t going to waste. 

Tree Removal Safety: 

Removing a tree should only be done by trained professionals. Therefore, it is important to have a tree industry professional provide a quote in the first place. They can determine what the hazards are, what could potentially fall in which direction, what objects are obstructing the path and how to work around them, what equipment is needed to properly and safely take down the tree, and what cutting techniques should be used in the process. 

Leave Your Tree Removal to the Professionals: 

It is important for safety to yourself and others to leave your removal to the professionals. Our tree crew is properly trained in the removal process and know what safety measures to take. We are properly insured. We prioritize having proper, and safe, working equipment that make an efficient job site. Trained professionals in the industry know how to analyze any potential outcomes to the tree removal process and prepare for those outcomes. We will take care of you. Reach out to us for a quote from a tree expert today. https://www.greatlakestreeservice.net/tree-removal/