You just had your tree removed, now what? Or you are planning to get it removed, but do not know what to do with the stump? No worries! You have options! Here we go over leaving the stump, stump removals, and stump grinding.

You Can Always Leave The Stump

This is not the greatest long-term solution. Leaving a stump can create a habitat for seedlings to start growing. They are also not pretty. Leaving a stump allows for the stump to take nutrients away from other trees and plants in the area. They are very hazardous to children who may be playing in the yard. These stumps attract pests and diseases, like termites and carpenter ants. Stumps can create a real hassle when mowing your lawn and it prevents you from planting something else in its place. 

Stump Removal 

The stump removal process is a complete elimination of the stump. This is a very time-consuming process and can be awfully expensive due to the heavy equipment required. This is not entirely environmentally friendly. Excavation of the entire stump and its roots will take place causing your lawn to be torn up and leaving you with a hole in your lawn. Until that hole is filled in, this is not appealing. 

Compaction of heavy equipment can lead to stress on your lawn, trees, and other plants in the area, limiting the amount of nutrients they can uptake. Although this is an expensive and invasive process, it completely removes all the roots allowing you to have a clean slate for a completely new landscape! You may want this option if you are installing a pool or re-doing the entire backyard. The excavation company you hire for those projects will most likely be able to help you with this process. 

Stump Grinding 

Stump grinding, on the other hand, is a fast and efficient process. It is very aesthetically pleasing, as it does not leave you with a hole in your yard. When we stump grind, the machine comes in and grinds about 6-10 inches below grade. You can request to have it ground further in some cases. This is a compact machine, so it is relatively easy to access most stumps. 

Once completed, there will be a pile of shavings. The size of this pile depends on the size of your tree, but on average, it is slightly bigger than the tree itself. You can also request that the visible roots be ground. This is a straightforward process as well and only creates a small pile. These can be removed for an additional charge. Most homeowners like to keep the shavings to spread in their flower beds and gardens, as the shavings make for a great, natural fertilizer. 

While it does not happen very often, it is still possible for a sapling to sprout. This is highly unlikely as the remainder of the stump is below ground level and there is dirt and chips above it. Normally, you can plant grass seed over this, and your lawn will look great within a couple of weeks!

 This process does not use any chemicals and is more environmentally friendly than the removal process. Stump grinding is effective for your lawn and your pocketbook! This method is most often used when a homeowner plans to plant grass in place. Its also used to make small landscape changes.

Here’s A Tip! 

When you have the tree service out to quote you for tree removal, ask them to quote you for stump grinding too. Most often, when you have the tree removal and the stump grinding approved at the same time, the stump grinding is cheaper than if you were to have them quote stump grinding a year down the road. As, then, if you do not have any additional work, they will have to meet a minimum charge. You are saving money in the long run, by doing it at the same time! 

Here at Great Lakes Tree Service, we offer stump grinding services because we feel that this is the most effective process used by homeowners in Grand Rapids. Check out our Tree Removal And Stump Grinding  Service today!